Managing Trustee


               Managing Trustee  

Managing Trustee's Message

Gone were the days when the teacher unfolded the books to explain the content. Teaching has become redundant. Information Orientation is preempted by analysis, research and action; hence, invention is essentially a pre-requisite. The teacher plays the role of a catalyst and facilitator. He is a mentor, guide and role model for the young graduates for building a great future.

The generation next is fortunate to have mega campuses, multimedia teaching aids and instant tools of information transformation. The technology enables the information flow as fast as the speed of light. The challenges encountered by the youth of today are in acquiring competence, skill sets and positive attitude. Knowledge is provided by teachers, text books and interactive modes with others in the society. Skills could be developed only through perennial practice. Positive and proactive attitude have to be nurtured by matured mentors.

We, at SSMIET imbibe those qualities in the younger generation, besides education. As a basic philosophy, all the students would be inculcated with the importance of ethics, values, respect for nature and national pride.