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Welcome to SSM institute of Engineering and technology! A distinguished campus focused in engineering education, offering academically rewarding experience to students in a clean, serene and exuberant environment. The programs here prepare students for challenging and interesting career, through liberal interaction with their mentors.

SSMIET believes in inculcating in students strong interpersonal capabilities, including oral and written communication, the confidence and ability to address both technical and human dimension of professional career. On this campus, basic values, integrity and ethical consciousness are emphasized in all walks of life. The teaching fraternity here includes highly regarded scholars from leading universities and experienced professionals from the corporate. Individual attention is given to students by the faculty allowing for a richer and more personal educational experience.

Academic excellence, personal integrity, ethical behavior and respect for human dignity are the pillars of SSMIET. Constant improvement, sharpness in understanding and thirst for knowledge are certain fundamental principles inculcated in every student right from the moment he/she enters the campus.