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                They give platform to new start-ups, Innovative ideas and to passionate people, who really want to contribute to society. We set out with an obsession for concept development, one that was unheard in the corridors of green energy development. It was about a commitment to create value through innovation, quality, creativity, partnerships, openness and learning. It has created a road which is leading the world to a new direction laid out by ISIE. We are building our story with a belief in small hybrid and solar for a big future. Our story encourage millions of Indian youths to make drive their dreams. A comradeship had begun. Something incredible had begun.

ISIE Students Forum

IMPERIAL SOCIETY OF INNOVATIVE ENGINEERS (ISIE)  is the most popular and favourite Motorsports, Education and Research Publication organization in India among engineering institutes and green energy research organization. ISIE become epicentre of green energy concept development in India.They are motivating people (Engineers+ Future Engineers) to work on New and Renewable sources of Energy. Around 50 members registered in this society from both Automobile Engineering and Mechanical Engineering disciplines. Our department conducts and participates various events under the sponsorship of ISIE.


  • Environment friendly Technology Development
  • Networking and Partnership
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Green Mobility
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  • The Automobile Engineering students were registered for the National Level event “Electric Solar Vehicle Championship” organized by ISIE on 29th September 2015.
  • M.Asik Jalaludeen & Mr.M.Antony Balan Rebin 2nd year automobile students got the opportunity to publish their article “GREVOTECH Magazine (Green Revolutionary Technologies)” in the society of ISIE.


The 3rd year & final year automobile students attended the two days National Level workshop on “Solar Vehicle Design and Development Program on South zone” conducted by ISIE at Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore on  10th-11th October 2015.


A National Level Electric Solar vehicle Championship event was conducted at RPM International racing circuit, Bhopal by ISIE on March 27-30, 2016.Our Students from IV year and III year Automobile Engineering have participated in this prestigious event.

Awards :

            Our SSMIET Solar car team was achieved “BEST APPRECIATION AWARD” “BEST SELFIE AWARD” in the national level Electric Solar Vehicle Championship’16 organized by Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers.



  • The Automobile Engineering students were registered for the National Level event “Single Seated Electric Solar Vehicle Championship’17” organized by ISIE on 13th October 2016.
  • Our SSMIET solar vehicle team attended the pre-virtual round zone-1 for national level event ESVC-17 at VIT University, Vellore on 9th-11th September 2016.
  • K.Akalya & Ms.S.Jeyashree 3rd year automobile students research paper was selected to publish in the article “Green & Eco friendly Technology” of ISIE.
  • Our SSMIET solar team pictures were selected for the awareness program of “Diwali 2k16”. For this event our students planting trees in our campus and make awareness with the students about green energy and avoid pollution.

The Head of the Department,

Department of Automobile Engineering.

SSM Institute of Engineering and Technology,

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