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The Embedded  aims to teach, help and motivate Club level, Grade level and undergraduate level students to understand the apparently inexplicable electronic gadgets, robots, control operations in the world today, and also assists students in developing their own devices. The Embedded Club plans various lectures, workshops, projects as well as competitions throughout the year concerning both analog as well as digital electronics, Microcontrollers, Internet of Things and makes the participants, learning.



Project competitions for Club and college level students at least twice in a calendar year. Encouraging as well as supporting students to design and develop their own projects, circuits, codes, robots etc in order to participate in other college events


The Embedded Club conducts various lectures and workshops throughout the year at regular intervals focusing on recent trends and industry oriented technologies which includes,

  • Android applications
  • App development tools
  • Cloud computing
  • Open source cloud services
  • Accessing cloud data
  • Microcontrollers & Sensors
  • IoT concepts

 Other Activities:

  • To make the members work on innovative projects or participate in activities after academic, weekends or on holidays
  • Guidance for development of innovative solutions to solve day to day social problems
  • Periodic discussions on latest trends and recent technologies
  • Periodic activities and competitions to develop creativity, innovation and design talents in students.
  • To make students to create and analyze their own circuit design
  • To nurture faith on project design
  • To make students learn Embedded C and Python
  • To make clear the concepts of AVR microcontrollers and embedded systems
  • To train students on Arduino, Raspberrypi
  • To make students to create their own android apps
  • To make use of Android apps to control hardware components
  • To make students learn Cloud platform and services
  • To make clear the concepts of tunneling and tunneling services
  • To train students on surveillance camera and IoT services
  1. Dr S. KarthigaiLakshmi
    Professor & Head
    Department of ECE
  2. S. Karthik
    Assistant Professor
    Department of ECE
S. NO Name of the Activity Collaborating agency/Internal Resource Person Year of the Acivity Number of Students participated
1 Dr. AbdulKalam Memorial

ALP Challenge

Internal NA 2016-2017


2 Guest lecture on “Embedded Systems” Litz Tech Technologies Mr. Levale 2017-2018




Embedded Club