Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Mr. K. Shanmugavel’s Message

Determined planning and quick action are the prerequisites for best performance whether individual or entity or company. Learning the best practices in renowned technical institutions around the world we embark on a standard which is through planning, time execution, academic benchmarking and grooming.

We at SSMIET inculcate in the young minds the importance of career planning, academic rigor and constant endeavor to do right things. Learning never ends, perfection is a relative term and knowledge acquisition is perennial. The core team and the intellectual capital if SSMIET unfold all the resources to generate competent graduates with competitive spirit to forge ahead as per their career plan and act on regular basis to achieve their dream to succeed.

Wish you a great time at SSMIET

Mr.K. Sivaraj’s Message

How do we move from charring our lakhs of engineering graduates to productive human assets? It is a billion dollar question. Thought provoking stories are shared in common forum by industry stalwarts on the critical issue of employability of the youth in the industry. The stakeholders, students, parents, faculty, regulators and et all are obsessed to witness a quantum production of technical graduates.

Are they skillful and talented performers after acquiring the required graduation? Time and again this challenge is posed to all the accountable institution builders. Realizing the importance of timely need, SSMIET is determined to blend all the essential traits, human skills and qualities in them. It is on parallel to their technical and academic curriculum and catalyst to make a great career.

Best of luck to all aspiring to be SSMIETians.