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They can then print this using the button on the page and label it with quotes and evidence. Emilia loves Iago so much that as his wife, even a deeply understanding woman like her, never questions her husband’s intentions behind questionable demands. To a child were life threatening to an adult.” … dose of salts, which acted as a laxative, only …

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In order to take revenge on the Moor, they report the news of Desdemona’s escape to her father, who is frantically searching for Othello. Shakespeare’s Othello was a great play and it covered the social and political beliefs of his time. It was about a black army general, Othello who married the white daughter of a leading politician, Desdemona; their relationship was difficult to sustain in an era of racism and sexism. William Shakespeare focuses on societal expectations of women in Elizabethan society through the three women present in the play, Desdemona, Emilia, and Bianca. The women behave and adhere to the social and gender stereotypes of Shakespeare’s Elizabethan society. The women of the play are passionate privately and in smaller doses.

The Role and Status of Women is Explored in Shakespeare’s Othello

They are in love, but Othello can’t get past his self-doubt as to why such a lovely woman would love him. This leaves his mind susceptible to the tragic poisoning by the scheming Iago, even though Desdemona has done nothing wrong. On this page students can arrange the characters on the screen, showing the connections between the characters and their relationships.

Othello administers judgement, but, at the same time, he is already so blinded by jealousy that he loses the ability to think rationally. Neither the assurances of Emilia, nor Desdemona’s words on the deathbed help him to wake up, but, on the contrary, they increase his indignation. Desdemona’s father believes that his daughter could marry a black military only under the influence of witchcraft.

Let me go with him.” This last sentence is quite important as it shows a resistant and stubborn nature, and did not ask for permission, gave herself permission. In the same act and same scene, when Desdemona came to speak to her father, she begins with “My noble father”, says,“so much I challenge I profess, due to the Moor my lord” and from lines 177 to 187 is a vital speech in supporting her independence and strength. She made the decision and is unlikely to go back, and persuaded her father without offence, showing intellect as a female in an female oppressed society. Desdemona is a determined woman but in the end succumbs accepting that she is a woman and inferior, she now “serves” Othello and not her father.

Even though Othello is considered more domestic than many Shakespearean tragedies because politics take a backseat to interpersonal relationships, the military plays a key role in the play. Othello the Moor has been able to integrate somewhat into the society of Venice because of his martial abilities. His status as an important general makes him so essential to the state that the Duke of Venice accepts the marriage between Othello and the white Desdemona, even as her father does not. Thus, the play’s domestic conflicts also dramatize the conflict between places and cultures, as the West felt itself to be in contact with the barbarous East. The precarious ness of a nation’s identity is expressed through the tragedy of Othello. In conclusion, without the Othello being firmly founded on a military basis, the tragic plot could not be effectively mobilized.

He treats others as fools and has no time for tender emotion, yet he is a married man and presumably once loved his wife. He cares for no one, yet he devotes his whole life to revenge rather than walk away in disdain. He believes in cheating and lying for gain, yet Shakespeare placed some of the most beautiful words in Iago’s mouth.

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But she asks the senators to allow her to accompany her husband to Cyprus, and she herself says about her love. The dramatic event takes place in the XVI century in Venice, and later transferred to Cyprus. The first dialogue between Iago, Othello’s Lieutenant and Rodrigo, the local nobleman, who is hopelessly in love with Desdemona, the daughter of Senator Brabantio. Iago told Roderigo that Desdemona secretly married Othello, the Moor in the Venetian service. The lieutenant convinces Roderigo of his hatred of Othello, since the Moor took a certain Cassio instead of Iago for the post of lieutenant, that is, his deputy.

European warfare was also passing through a transitional stage between feudal hosts of the Middle Ages and permanent professional rmies of modern times. Othello is a condottiere fighting by contract for Venetian Republic, reflecting what European warfare would become. Yet, his self-fashioned image of a romantic and chivalric hero defeating the infidel in order to win a fair damsel is remnant of a medieval idea.

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Proud, noble, and brave warrior Othello is well respected and his military skills and adventures are widely known. Iago claims that he hates Othello because Othello passed him over for a promotion and chose Michael Cassio as a lieutenant instead. Iago also says that Cassio doesn’t know any more about warfare than a housewife or a spinster does – he’s never been on the battlefield and his knowledge of war is more “bookish” than experiential. This passage speaks to the way warfare is considered a man’s realm (women didn’t participate in battle). It also raises the question of why Iago hates Othello so much – Othello’s refusal to promote Iago is just one of several reasons Iago gives for setting out to destroy the general.

While killing Desdemona, he feels it is his right to kill her because she has done such a huge injustice to him. After Othello strangles Desdemona (for her alleged adultery) on the bed the couple shares, Othello’s reference to his “weapon,” which rests upon his “soldier’s thigh,” seems blatantly phallic, don’t you think? Othello’s words forge a disturbing relationship between sex and death. Desdemona doesn’t want to remain behind while her new husband runs off to Cyprus to fight against the Turks. For one thing, she loves Othello and simply wants to be with him.