Best Places To Meet Girls In Osaka & Dating Guide

Traveling here is a lot like most other countries, some of the women won’t have any interest in foreigners at all. This is where we list the best romantic restaurants, cocktail bars, and other fun activities to do on your date night or an afternoon meet up. Don’t forget to stick around for the end though, if you are new in town that info will be find more on as valuable as anything. Ghost Ultra Lounge is as gaijin-friendly (foreigner-friendly) as it gets.

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  • You can also find more nightlife and places to party in nearby Minami, in Shinsaibashi, or over in Umeda.
  • If you are the type to survive on little sleep, a long weekend will be enough for both partying and sightseeing.
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You can also find more nightlife and places to party in nearby Minami, in Shinsaibashi, or over in Umeda. You will certainly find more places to party with girls in Tokyo, but you won’t be lacking for nightlife here either. It is the local word for foreigners and there are many places around the nightlife that are not ‘gaijin friendly’ which basically means you won’t be allowed to enter. The biggest challenge to meeting Osaka girls is the language barrier. It’s near impossible to meet an English speaker off the street.

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If they say yes then it is very likely you will get laid. We realize addresses can be a bit confusing here so here is a map with the best local pick up and date spots around the city. As most know in Japan losing face is a huge deal, that rich local customer may never go back to their establishment again. Like we said, no big deal just move on to the next spot if you get rejected at the door. Others might have a little interest, but then there are some who will only want to date foreign men. Obviously these are going to be the easiest girls in Osaka to hook up with and many of them will be on Japan Cupid. They are also very dedicated to safety and offer a great choice of beautiful Osaka women.

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But why put it all up to luck when you can take your destiny into your own hands? Japan Cupid is the best online dating site in the country and there are many single girls in Osaka that want to date foreign men who are using it.

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