Setting up and using Advanced Pricing in QuickBooks Enterprise

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Those are the only variables to enter when making a price rule. You’ll see in the table at the bottom after you click Apply, the original price and the Adjusted price. The Adjusted price reflects the effects of the price rule you just created. Review those changes to make sure there are no surprises. There seems to be no way to import custom prices as percentages. Using number format gives an error saying that the value “must be a percentage” .

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Points to Consider before you Create Price Rules in QuickBooks

Along with your regular price, you can have up to four different price levels for each inventory item. Advanced Pricing gives you the control, flexibility, and options you need to set prices and maximize profits. Indicate a percentage or dollar amount to increase prices by.


In addition, Intuit offers 2 online services, Online Payroll Basic and Online Payroll Plus, that integrate with QuickBooks and are sold as a monthly subscription. QuickBooks also lets you set a default price level for a customer. When such a default price level is set, QuickBooks automatically uses the appropriate price level when you choose that customer. The Price Level box appears on the Additional Info tabs of the New Customer and Edit Customer windows. The Change Item Prices command, which appears on the Customers menu, displays the Change Item Prices dialog box. This dialog box lets you change prices of a bunch of items at one time by an amount or percentage.

the 16 best marketing strategies for small businesses is the platform most used by professional accountants so if you plan to work with an accountant, they will likely be very familiar with the platform, its features and capabilities. Price rules let you get really detailed with your custom pricing by allowing you to set precise conditions for when QuickBooks changes an item price. For example, if you want your top ten customers to receive a 10% discount, but only when they buy 30 or more of a certain product , you can set up a pricing rule containing these three conditions. Be it your small business that offers special services or products, you may wish to offer discounts and sales as incentives.

To view reports related to price rules, select theReportsdrop-down arrow and select a report to run. Once this customer type has been created, you can edit each of the existing customers and assign them to their respective customer type. QuickBooks Online, you can make these price adjustments automatic, set them up to run for a specific time period, and extend the adjusted price to all your customers or just a certain segment.

Additional QuickBooks Enterprise Costs

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Here are the best QuickBooks alternatives, each with… QuickBooks Online is better than QuickBooks Desktop if you prefer a cloud-based accounting software to a locally installed one. QuickBooks Online’s biggest advantage is its ability to be accessed from anywhere with an internet-enabled device.


Not every pricing rule has to be across the board. Price levels have been available in QuickBooks Enterprise for quite some time. They allow users to change prices for certain customers, or groups of customers, automatically. For example, if you’ve agreed to offer a certain customer a 10% discount on all orders, you can use price levels to take 10% off of the standard item price whenever you invoice that customer. After you turn on advanced pricing, you can choose the Lists → Price Rule List command to display the Price Rule List window.

How to Adjust Prices and Price Levels in QuickBooks 2017

All it takes is for one sales rep or customer service person to forget to change a price on an invoice and you’ll lose credibility with the customer. If it happens once, the customer may let it slide. If it happens too many times, you could lose the customer.


On the weekend, you will find her hanging out with her family or surfing around the North Shore of Oahu. Click on the Lists menu at the top of your window and select Price Rule List. QuickBooks will alert you that it needs to close all open windows to change this preference.

How to turn on QuickBooks price levels?

Businesses with inventory will likely get the most benefit from QuickBooks Plus. Large businesses that need access for up to 25 users will probably want to go with QuickBooks Advanced. Business owners and managers know how critical the right pricing is for their organizations. Just a small improvement in price strategy can significantly improve operating profits.


The ability to send invoices and manage and track unpaid bills is important for small business and freelancers. All QuickBooks Online versions have invoicing features but some have more advanced features, like the ability to create recurring invoices. Meanwhile, not all versions allow you to manage and track unpaid bills. QuickBooks Online is our overall best small business accounting software. To help narrow down the best plan for your business, answer a few short questions below.

You can assign a price level to a customer so that it will automatically reduce/increase the price of the item when an invoice is created. While it says “Beta” next to price rules, you don’t need to be concerned — the price levels function works great as-is. It is worth noting though, that price rules — or price levels, don’t impact reporting. In other words, you can’t run a report specifically on sales affected by QuickBooks price levels. Custom pricing is very important to manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. QuickBooks price levels can help you provide better service to your wholesale customers and process their orders faster and more accurately.

What Other Pricing Options Are Available in QuickBooks Desktop?

Enter all the necessary invoice details, then manually enter the price in the Rate column. Our company has worked several times with Fourlane, and we could not be happier! Most firms in the ERP space are either IT or accounting focused but don’t understand the system AND the financial piece – we know both and can help.