8 Virtual Icebreakers For Getting To Know Your Remote Team

But starting a meeting with an icebreaker can change this. If the team gets punchy, put on a song and do a 30-second dance break. Cameras are optional for this – you can get a good laugh from each other’s dad moves, or you can let people dance like nobody’s watching.

Scavenger hunts are fun icebreakers that promote quick thinking and build lasting memories. However, at no other time during the game should both groups do the same action. This activity is a perfect icebreaker for recalling folks’ names as it involves multiple introductions of the players.

Why Remote Teams Should Use Ice Breakers

Trivia maker is one such game with its creative ice breaker questions for virtual meetings. You can play this game every Friday to take out the stress of the workweek. You may choose from premade games or create your own trivia questions. Before starting any virtual meetings, group photos uplift the confidence and determination of pharmaceutical workforce anytime and anywhere. This icebreaker activity is fun to have while bringing in pets or making funny faces. This can get really creative as such photographs can be further used for social media channels with different motivational captions and interactive activities.

What is a fun ice breaker question for work meeting?

  • Do you have a favorite song to listen to when you need your spirits lifted?
  • What is the most feel-good film you've ever seen?
  • What type of music do you prefer?
  • What's your favorite TV show and why?

People from all cultures and walks of life can participate no matter where they are. Virtual icebreakers help ease tension and create a more light-hearted and inclusive online atmosphere. This is especially useful when bringing in newer team members who might be shy or anxious. A work-friendly game of truth or dare is another great way to break the ice in a team meeting.

#15. Weekend photo contest

Next, every other team member who has ever done the same thing will shout, “Me too! ” as they bend a finger or reduce one pen by removing it from their hand and placing it on the table. The next player will share an experience, and the same response goes on until the team gets a winner. In this case, the winner is the first person to bend all their fingers or run out of objects.

icebreakers for virtual meetings

If you are looking for a more guesswork-based game then name the song is a great option. All you need to do is compile a list of karaoke tracks from popular tunes. This is a fun and interactive game where you can test the sales skills of every member. All they have to do is select a thing from their home and sell it to another member in the next minutes. They can come with the product name, price, and features.

Storytime: Most Embarrassing Moment

A research study found 78.3% of people with bucket lists have personal goals they want to accomplish. Everyone can mention the top thing on their bucket list they haven’t done or have icebreakers for virtual meetings done to get to know each other. What would everyone choose to bring to a desert island? Ask your team to pick one to three essentials and ask everyone to explain why they chose them.

What is an example of a virtual icebreaker?

  • Two truths and a lie.
  • Quick questions.
  • Take a picture of..
  • Choose your favourite.
  • Trivia icebreaker game.
  • Virtual scavenger hunt.
  • What, where, when?
  • Virtual water cooler.

They might inspire your coworkers to think more creatively, which is proven to further increase their productivity. For that quest, we have some questions that might give you a nudge in the right direction. Otherwise, you’re running the risk of lengthening this warm-up session and, consequently, the meeting. If you allow the warm-up part to get out of your hands, you won’t be able to follow your meeting schedule, which might interrupt your daily activities.